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About Us

Leadership Pasadena (LP) was founded in 1999 in answer to the question “How can we, the people of Pasadena, help the city and community become better at improving itself?” LP is unique in that it brings together the many diverse segments of our community together to create informed, collaborative and connected community leaders to make a positive impact in our community. By using proven state of the art leadership strategies to develop future-focused community and business leaders, LP builds collaborative civic partners, capable of tackling the issues of today while preparing for tomorrow.

LP has consistently produced empowered, inspired and connected leaders who strengthen Pasadena’s diverse communities. We do this through our 8-month Community Leadership program. This program is a hands-on leadership program which immerses participants in Pasadena’s history, government, education, arts, sciences and economic infrastructure; provides executive leadership training; and builds real connections between diverse participants and area decision-makers through experiential classes taught by Pasadena's education, business, government and community leaders as well completion of team-based, community-driven projects.

The LP Community Leadership program includes:

     A 2 day offsite executive leadership Ropes Course;

     30 hours of leadership education surveying current leadership theories and concepts;

     2 hours of one-on-one personal executive coaching;

     On-going peer coaching to enhance participant’s leadership coaching skills and performance;

     Numerous professional leadership assessments; and

     60 hours of experiential learning about Pasadena history, education systems, government, arts and sciences, business profile, innovation and economics, taught by Pasadena’s principals and thought influencers through interactive sessions at renowned Pasadena locations such as Caltech, Pasadena City Council Chambers, Pasadena Playhouse, Parsons, Tournament of Roses offices and more.

      Working in small, diverse teams to design and implement a sustainable community service project in partnership with a local non-profit organization to make an immediate impact on the Pasadena community.