Indus Earth Trust

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About Us

Helping the rural poor to build a better life in Pakistan!

Indus Earth works with and shares expertise, resources and knowledge to provide a sustainable future for rural communities. You can help by volunteering with us!


Indus Earth works to facilitate a movement to raise living standards by enhancing socio-economic conditions through an integrated development approach which incorporates reduced use of fossil fuels and encourages the exploration of renewable energy, while ensuring the protection of flora, fauna, and marine life.


Indus Earth Trust (IET), established in 2000, was formed with the simple vision of providing help to neglected coastal communities in Pakistan. This vision has informed our work ethic for over a decade now.

Our priority in any intervention is to ensure that communities become productive members of society by resolving various developmental issues that have hindered their progress. We firmly believe that their poverty is a complex, multi-layered issue so that development must have an integrated approach for success.

We would like to hear from anyone who would like to volunteer their time and expertise with us!