World Forum for Religions and Cultures

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About Us

The World Forum for Religions and Cultures, is a non-profit, non-governmental social welfare foundation.

Its mission is the contribution in the peaceful coexistence of populations.

Its goals are:

The cultivation of comprehending religions and cultures of different populations

The conduct of scientific researches and teaching of subjects related to different religions and cultures

The diffusion of relative knowledge with communication events, educational programs, media publications and the internet.

The above goals of the Institution are sought with the creation of a self-existent administrative entity with the suitable organization and staffing. Also, with the research and study of modern social problems and the appropriate diffusion of their results internationally, as well as the systematic distribution of new knowledge in congresses, conferences and lectures.

The institution also organizes religious, archaeological and folklore synergies, seeks the international presence and the projection of its nature and develops collaborations with commensurate institutions. It carries out training seminars, lectures, educational programs and publications.

In order to achieve its goals, the Institution, may acquire, maintain, sell, exchange, allocate with or without return and handle rights related to personal assets or estate property. It can also contract agreements, accept contributions in money or services or in the form of moveable or immoveable property, and finally invest, borrow money and proceed and execute any actions without restrictions and limitations to anyone.