Synagogue Leadership Initiative

  • NJ

About Us

The Synagogue Leadership Initiative project is sponsored by Jewish Federation of Northern New Jersey in partnership with the Henry and Marilyn Taub Foundation.

The Synagogue Leadership Initiative focuses on the mission and growth challenges that confront synagogues in the twenty-first century and targets strategic planning and programming strategies to address these challenges.

The goals of SLI are to:

  • Help grow synagogues that are relevant and vibrant and enable them to reach their fullest potential
  • Develop synagogue leadership that is Jewishly knowledgeable and aware of the best practices of synagogue management
  • Build community on the intra and inter-synagogue level
  • Generate a force field of Jewish life in the UJA Federation of Northern New Jersey area which will positively affect the lives of affiliated and un-affiliated Jews alike

SLI employs strategic planning in order to enable participating synagogues to achieve consensus about their vision, mission, and to develop strategies to achieve growth, meaning and vibrancy for their congregants. SLI also assists participating synagogues to develop strong lay leadership, create dynamic educational programs and spiritually uplifting worship.