Gecko Villa

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Um Chan
A Prachak
Udon Thani

About Us

Gecko Villa was established in 2000 with donated seed capital. The concept behind the creation of this rural Thai holiday villa was to create gainful local employment and to prevent the migration and separation of families in an area where, traditionally, farmers are bound to the vagaries of the land and young parents are obliged to leave their children with the elderly grandparents as they seek work in Bangkok or abroad. We aim to protect and promote indigenous culture and traditions, and are keen supporters of the principles of responsible travel and sustainable tourism. We also have a strong focus on eco tourism and the protection of our immediate environment. In order to ensure that Gecko Villa fulfills its goals, we have been aware from the outset that we must ensure guests enjoy memorable, unique, interesting and fun holidays at the property, such that word of mouth promulgate. All proceeds from guest stays are retained within the immediate community and to date, visitors to Gecko Villa have funded education for children, medical care, reforestation and waste disposal projects, rainwater harvesting, and donations to the local village primary school.

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