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About Us

Centro Cattleya is a parent and family driven organization that has been established to help children with disabilities and their families on the island of Roatan. It provides special education instruction, physical therapy and connection with other families and kids with disabilities. Children with disabilities in Honduras are not provided with an integrated education and are for the most part cared for by their parents at home. Centro Cattleya provides a place and way for these families and kids to attain the therapy, education, and connection that would otherwise not have. The children of Centro Cattleya range in age from infant to young adult and have a wide range of disabilities included but not limited to autism spectrum disorder, West syndrome, Down syndrome, infantile paralysis, anoxia at birth, and general speech and language delays. Both English and Spanish are home languages of the families and many of the children are bilingual. There is a great need for speech language pathologists (SLP), occupational therapists (OT), reading specialists, and other individuals specializing in special education. Currently there are no individuals that can provide speech therapy or occupational therapy living on Roatan. There are physical therapists (PT) here, but visiting PTs would be welcome and their services needed as well. Bilingual ability in English and Spanish is a plus but not essential!

mission statement: We are a private, non-profit institution that operates without distinction of race, religion, politics, age or sex; dedicated to supporting the families for the acceptance of their children with special educational needs from birth to adulthood and to provide therapies and appropriate training to achieve maximum integration in the family, school, work and community in order to improve their quality of life.

Somos una institucion privada, sin fines de lucro, que opera sin distingos de raza, religion, politica, edad o sexo; dedicada a apoyar a las familias para la aceptacion de sus hijos con necesidades educativas especiales desde su nacimiento hasta la edad adulta y a proporcionar terapias y capacitaciones adecuadas para lograr la maxima integracion, familiar, escolar, laboral y comunitaria con el fin de mejorarles su calidad de vida.