Marin Promise Partnership

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1650 Los Gamos Drive
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San Rafael
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About Us

Marin Promise Partnership (MPP) is working together to make educational excellence a reality for all students in Marin, regardless of race or family income by 2028. We are a countywide partnership of school districts, community members, nonprofit directors, government officials, neighborhood leaders, post-secondary educators, business leaders, and funders partnering together for educational equity. At Marin Promise, we are seeking to create significant and deep impact in each of Marin Promise’s 6 Cradle to Career milestone areas:

·      Enter kindergarten ready to succeed.

·      Read proficiently by 3rd grade.

·      Master critical math concepts by 9th grade.

·      Graduate high school ready for college & career.

·      Enroll in college or post-secondary programs.

·      Complete college or post-secondary program.

The Backbone Team is a small staff providing necessary supports to the overall partnership. It serves as a catalyst to unify & convene the Partners to work together to achieve measurable results.  The backbone team supports the Partnership Council (the 30 organization leadership group) as well as four Action Teams focused on decreasing disparities at each Milestone (listed above). They report progress towards these milestone goals as well as support teams in identifying what intervention strategies are working to close the equity gaps. They encourage collective learning and continuous improvement.  The backbone team is the “connective tissue” that holds the Partnership together and enables the educational equity eco-system to function more effectively and efficiently. Check us out at to learn more!