About Us

GEORAMA was founded on 13-11-06 (according to the submission of its statute to the Court of First Instance in Patras on 12-01-07 with submission entrenchment – protection No 45).

GEORAMA headquarters are situated in Patras.

GEORAMA is intending to play the role of a development pole in the coastal area of Western Greece and participate actively in bottom up European Integration, rooted into civilian mobilization and institution building as a result of interaction of Local / Regional Stakeholders and EU/ International / Global networks of excellence.

Founding Members of GEORAMA initiated and implemented a number of Interregional Co-operation projects funded by the EU Territorial Co-operation programs (INTERREG IIIC), realized that there was a need for a new institutional set up to continue the thematic work of these networks after the expiration of their financing by EU.

As best solution they choose the establishment of a structure – GEORAMA- constituted by Public Bodies, Academic Community & Business.

Their creation is GEORAMA that took the form of a Non Government Organization, Not for Profit, with Public Equivalent Status.

GEORAMA, established a scientific and development committee to cover the area of Mining & Environment, following the prototype of other successful examples, such as GEORANGE, established in Sweden since 1999 and being the initiator of ENMR.