Hunter HIV/AIDS Research Team

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About Us

The Hunter HIV/AIDS Research Team (HART) conducts interdisciplinary, community-based research designed to have a positive impact on the epidemic and on the lives of those infected and affected by HIV. The focus of our work extends beyond HIV to the psychological study of gender and sexuality more broadly, and we investigate HIV as a case study for larger psychological concepts such as stigma and stereotype, interpersonal and intergroup processes, identity development, and judgment and decision-making.

HART is committed to conducting research that is meaningful and useful to the communities with whom we work. HART’s mission is to translate research findings into practical implications for service and advocacy organizations, and to develop trainings and technical assistance tools that accelerate the pace of empirically based practice. HART is dedicated to research, advocacy, and service that can improve the lives of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender communities in all their diversity.

HART is the research laboratory of Dr. Sarit A. Golub.