The Healthetarians

  • CA


1368 Dandelion Way
San Marcos
United States

About Us

We are dedicated to educating kids, inspiring teens and empowering young adults to take responsibility for their health.

We do this through classes, workshops, camps and interactive demonstrations while focusing on whole food, nutrient dense, plant-based ingredients.

Here is our agenda:

Summer 2012: we taught 400+ kids cooking classes in Seattle, Washington.

Fall 2012: we toured from Seattle to San Diego and provided free cooking classes to younger generations in 9 different cities to get them excited about eating healthy.

January 2013: we're launching our first pilot program for elementary-aged youth, an after-school kids cooking program.

1 Year Outlook: After-school cooking program for kids between 9-12

2 Year Outlook: After-school cooking program for teens

5 Year Outlook: On-campus healthy lifestyle program for young adults in college