Jokom Riak Foundation

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1580 W Snow Queen Apt 139
Salt Lake City
United States

About Us

Jokom Riak Foundation mission is to empower social, economic and environmental changes in Southern Sudan

Jokom Riak Foundation is a voluntary base organization formed to fight poverty in Southern Sudan by improving their economic power through agricultural facilitation, environmental conservation to serves the biodiversity, educational assistance, health care through maintenance and sanitation awareness campaign, cultural reestablishment to store cultural values lost during the twenty two years of civil war. Jokom Riak Foundation will primarily support the people of Southern Sudan whose their lives had been affected by the civil war that occurred in the country for twenty two years and with rolling momentary impacts. Jokom Riak Foundation has visionary application to serve such affected people by providing an effort to preserve their economic power through rehabilitations by collating mains of social entrepreneurship to empower social changes.