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Lad Lake History


Originally known as the Wisconsin Home and Farm School, Lad Lake was established in 1902 – a place where troubled and neglected boys could acquire the strong values of personal responsibility and hard work. A place where boys would be shown the way to get back on the “right track.”

An early Lad Lake motto (1917): “To cure is the voice of the past. To prevent is the Divine Whisper of today.” In the early days, Lad Lake was actually a working farm. Located in Dousman, 30 miles west of Milwaukee, the farm included 367 acres of land where – under the guidance of caring adults – boys would partake in daily chores and schooling, eventually becoming adults themselves.


Today, Lad Lake is still guiding growth on those original 367 acres of land – and our level (and scope) of care continually expands. Not only do we provide 24-hour treatment, education, and counseling for adolescent males, we also now provide care, expertise and counseling for struggling girls and troubled families.

Our staff of 335 skilled, compassionate professionals provides a wide range of services and care for those boys and girls most in need of help, while our four core program areas – Education, Independent Living, Outreach, and Residential Services – encompass the very vision that drives us each day.

Guiding Growth. It’s a mission, a philosophy we’re dedicated to at Lad Lake. One that provides a brighter future – from staff member to student – for everyone involved.