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About Us

Our Vision:

Yana Ministry is a Christian non-profit organization that seeks to bring hope and brighter futures to orphans and marginalized children.

Our Mission: Our mission is to tell the marginalized child, “You are not alone,” by connecting each child to a healthy Christian family.

Our Strategy: We believe that the best way to help the orphans of Korea is to connect Korean orphanages with churches in America, especially Korean-American ones. We want to do this in three ways:

Going (Summer Mission Trip) Coming (Flying Happiness, Project JOY) Connecting (Yana Family)

  1. Going – Each church can start building a relationship with an orphanage by sending a team of youth and college students to Korea to host a children’s English camp. The goal is to build strong relationships with the children at the orphanage through the English camp program. Check out our English Camp Program page for more information.
  2. Coming – Each church can then invite 3-6 orphans to take a vision trip to the U.S. The goal for this program is to help the orphans to have bigger dreams for their lives and to realize that they are not alone in this world. In addition, the program will allow the hosting church to offer hospitality to the orphans and to become open to the possibility of starting an adoption process. Go to our Flying Happiness page for more information.
  3. Connecting – Each church can consequently establish a strong relationship with an individual orphanage to offer study abroad opportunities for the orphans and to adopt children from that facility.