Noah's Anchorage

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About Us

Are you interested in working on the streets with homeless youth?

Do you desire to learn more about the issues facing young people in our community?


“My experience working with the outreach program at Noah’s Anchorage was eye-opening, challenging and informative. Through my work, I was able to learn about and forge relationships with a population that is often spotted downtown, yet seldom reached. With greater understanding of some of the many complexities and circumstances that cause and perpetuate youth homelessness and other crises, I feel even more inspired to get involved in this community and help those in need. I’ll never look at State Street the same way! “

~Michelle San Jose, former Westmont intern


Noah’s Anchorage

Noah's Anchorage is a 24-hour crisis facility that offers free services to meet the needs of youth and families in the greater Santa Barbara community. The shelter offers: short-term crisis residential services, therapeutic groups and activities, basic need services, access to community referrals, crisis counseling, and a 24 hour telephone crisis line.

Support and Outreach Services Program

Our team assists homeless, emancipated foster and probation youth (up to age 24) by connecting them to community support agencies and helping them to find stable, healthy living situations. Volunteers will assist in performing street outreach with one of our Support and Outreach Workers, informing youth of services and inviting them to the drop-in center.

Qualifications for volunteers:

·        Be at least 21 years of age

·        Commit to volunteer for 2 hours per week for 6 months minimum

·        Be passionate, committed and reliable with a willingness to learn

·        Ability to hold to high levels of confidentiality

·        Be a positive role model

·        Ability to relate with diverse populations

·        Be able to pass the following background checks: Department of Justice, FBI, Child Abuse Index, and DMV

·        Sufficient vision, hearing and overall ability to understand/recognize potentially dangerous situations, including but not limited to the ability to recognize signs of alcohol, tobacco and other drug use.


To apply for this volunteer position please forward a resume to