The Litus Foundation France

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About Us

The Litus Foundation was founded to help slow global warming and to adapt to it.  It is supporting new technologies to quickly reduce global CO2 emissions.  Its priority project is developing super-efficient uncooled internal combustion (IC) engines, for all uses and fuels.   They do not yet exist; people are not aware that they are possible; apparently only Litus is developing them.  Up to 60 % of man-made CO2 is said to come from all (IC) engines.  For over 140 years, 30% to 50% of fuel energy has been wasted through water- or air-based cooling systems and radiation.              Uncooled engines would cut energy use, operating costs and CO2 emissions by about half, depending on application.  They would be two to ten times lighter and smaller; nearly silent; more reliable as there are no cooling or piston / cylinder oil systems to fail; and cost about the same as today’s units.  They are for ships; rail; agricultural / mining equipment; generators; pumps; compressors; military equipment; small machines, as well as heavy vehicles.  

Once available, long-life uncooled engines would replace cooled engines within fifteen years, reducing total man-made CO2 by 25% to 35%, potentially the single biggest and quickest fix for slowing climate change. It would get temperature rise near the 1.5 to 2.0 degrees C target of Paris COP21 agreement.