Center for the Global Study of Social Enterprise

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About Us

General Information:

The Center for the Global Study of Social Enterprise is a nonprofit consulting and economic research group that specializes in helping nonprofits and charitable causes measure and maximize the economic impact of their work.

Our goal for the organizations we work with to take their dollars farther; maximizing the economic benefit of their work to the community while minimizing costs.

Services at a Glance:

  • Measuring and maximizing community impact: Through our team of econometric analytics consultants, we can calculate the overall economic impact of your organization’s activities. Based on these calculations, our strategists can then develop a cost-effective strategy to increase the client organization’s impact and a timeline for doing so.
  • Use more volunteers in more cost-effective ways: One of the biggest reasons that additional volunteers and persons in need end up being turned away is that agencies and organizations cannot weather the cost of meeting the growing demand for their services. Here at CGSSE, we employ tried and proven methods to help non-profit agencies reach what economists call “the revenue maximizing condition.” This allows organizations to meet increased demand by employing a greater number of volunteers at a lesser cost.
  • Strategic Planning & Closing Service Gaps: The methods we employ to calculate labor and revenue maximization also enable us to detect the existence of service gaps. If a service gap is identified, CGSSE offers proactive strategic planning and hands-on consultation to help close those gaps.