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About Us

The D.R.E.A.M. Ride (Development, Relief, Education, Aid, and Mobilization ride) aims to both provide wonderful experiences for participants as well as three main goals in the developing world, ones that we find imperative and that research has shown to be some of the most effective means to improving the lives of those worst off. You can check out our website at www.dream-ride.org Our three main goals for the rides, besides creating opportunities for and educating the participants are

1. Women: Empower and help provide basic human human rights and opportunities 2. Health: Provide health care for those most in need 3. Education: provide educational opportunities to those students who are worst off and most deserving

This year's ride is

East Coast: August 3 - 17, 2007, from Boston to Montreal to New York City

Please contact us with any question, thoughts, suggestion, ideas, etc. that you have. My email is eamon.aloyo@dream-ride.org and the Cross Country organizer's email is daniel.healy@dream-ride.org and the East Coast organizer's email is chris.wells@dream-ride.org