Hedges and ByWays of Life Ministry

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8904 Mapleview Ave
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About Us

Hedges and ByWays of Life Ministry is a nonprofit outreach ministry, spiritually called to assist and provide the necessary dynamics that will cause positive change in an individual’s life and in the community.

Hedges and ByWays of Life Ministry's mission is to change a community ravaged with defeatism and hopelessness into a community of self reliance and to foster an environment that brings about a positive difference for everyone in the community.

There are many programs created which have shown results that improved the capabilities and the abilities of many, yet there is much more work to be done. Hedges and Byways of Life goals are to supplement resources and support those who either refused the help that is necessary to move them into a productive life cycle or those who do not understand the importance of fostering a society and community that is less inclined to participate in or promote illicit criminal activities. Our cause is in the area of prevention; by creating an atmosphere of hope and by nurturing that hope which will stimulate various opportunities in the direction of achievable responsibilities and goals which are far more reaching than other organizations.This agency’s objective is to develop interpersonal programs that would lead and encourage others to cross over the gap of discontentment, self failure and low self esteem and to become involved in various activities that promote hope and self confidence. This will be accomplished by providing a mentoring and self help program designed to meet the needs of individual families and young adult males, to encourage them toward a sense of pride and induce empowerment that would prove worthy of our cause.