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About Us

PICKUP SOCCER INC. (d.b.a. Pickup Soccer NYC, and PSNYC) is a non-profit adult recreational athletic organization, founded in New York City in 2006, which holds organized soccer games year-round for adults age 18 years and above whose mission is to build a friendly and peaceful environment of camaraderie, good will, volunteerism, and fellowship in which all persons can play together for recreation regardless of age, background or playing ability. Pickup Soccer NYC held its first games in Summer 2006 and was the first, organized pickup soccer organization to exist in NYC. PSNYC is a co-ed, recreational soccer group playing organized soccer games in Manhattan and Brooklyn year-round. The group comes together around playing the sport for fun, not competition and we do not keep score at games. Our games are informal and recreational with an emphasis on non-competitive play.

For additional information about Pickup Soccer Inc.’s mission, background and history visit: http://pickupsoccer.org/summary.