Give a Heart To Africa

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About Us

Give a Heart To Africa is a non-profit organization operating in Moshi, Tanzania, Africa. Our aim is to empower adult women via education and employment. We run a small vocational school where we offer free 1 year course in basic English, Business and Vocational skills . We also conduct home visits every Friday, we visit one of our students, learn about their lives, meet their families and try to understand their culture and way of life better. Two afternoons a week we run an optional, small after school program for children 2+. It is a wonderful place for them to play and have fun. We have developed lesson plans for all subjects so no prior teaching experience/knowledge is required. We also have translators in every class which makes teaching easier and more efficient.

To date, we have helped to start 24 businesses and currently are assisting 3 - Lala Salama Spa, Moshi mamas - women's arts & crafts co-operative and Kili kitchen - lunch box business. Our volunteers are welcome to spend afternoons with our graduates, offer the business advice or just spend time with them so they can practice their English skills. 

Our students are very appreciative of our volunteers and all of their efforts as is our organization. Our NGO is run solely by volunteers so we very much appreciate your help as without you, our organization would not exist. To learn more about our organization from the perspective of our volunteers, please, read our blog website FB Volunteer in Tanzania. Give a Heart To Africa