The Nodilus Project

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Santa Fe
United States

About Us

A social network that helps increase community coherence in pursuit of a positive future. Our mission is to harness the collective wisdom and creativity of the network, and provide pathways to actions that are pro People, pro Planet and pro Peace. It is a virtual and real life space for building relationships that result in meaningful actions.

Nodilus focuses on core topics we must address in order to shepherd our culture toward a just, sustainable future – food production, transportation, health and healing, education, habitat, and local economies, to name a few. Nodilus technology links people and groups with ideas, resources, activities and projects along specific affinity and geographic lines. It provides users daily opportunities to align their actions with their values and life purpose, and to connect with like-minded individuals and networks.

The intent of Nodilus is to assist in the efficient creation of communities based on sustainable values and permaculture principles:

  • recognising that Earth is the source of all life, that Earth is our valuable home, and that we are a part of Earth, not apart from it.
  • supporting and helping each other to change to ways of living that do not harm ourselves or the planet, and to develop healthy societies.
  • ensuring that Earth's limited resources are used in ways that are equitable and wise.