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About Us

The mission statement of the Metro Chapter NASW is to link its members to vital resources at the local and national levels.

The National Association of Social Workers (NASW) was formed in 1955 when a number of independent organizations merged to create new opportunities for professional social workers under the NASW umbrella. For 50 years, NASW worked diligently and successfully to initiate licensing of social workers – ensuring consumer protection, advocacy for vulnerable populations, and recognition of social workers as providers of mental health care. NASW developed standards of practice and continuing education opportunities provided by every chapter. Today, with over 150,000 members, NASW is the premier social work association providing leadership in creating opportunities for social workers and consumers for the years ahead. NASW is one of the primary co-sponsors of the 2005 Social Work Congress, a clarion call to assemble the profession once again – the NASW umbrella, transformed into a web of countless interconnections, an Indra’s Net of accomplishments and creativity yet to be.

Metro DC Chapter, NASW, is one of 56 administrative units of the National Association of Social Workers, which has chapters in each of the 50 states, plus DC, NYC, Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, Guam, and the International Chapter. For the most part, Metro DC Chapter members work and/or reside in the Metropolitan Washington Area. Chapter leadership is provided by volunteers, including a Board of Directors, elected by the membership.

The chapter offers a biennial conference, informational programs and skill-building workshops, committee leadership opportunities, a bi-monthly newsletter, a continuing education approval program, an ethics committee, an annual awards ceremony, opportunities for advocacy, and a collegial website featuring news on current programs in the area and community resources for social workers and social work students.

The Metro DC Chapter office is located in the headquarters of the National Association of Social Workers in Washington, DC.