Temenos Retreat Center

  • MA


65 Mt. Mineral Rd
United States

About Us

Temenos is a small rustic retreat and conference center, located on 78 acres on a small mountain in Massachusetts, 25 minutes from Amherst.

The founders of Temenos, Joe and Teresina Havens, lived here from 1973 to 1989. They were Quakers with a strong interest in Buddhism. Their vision was to provide a simpler life-style "devoted to the healing and renewal of persons, groups and the wider society". Here, seekers live caringly and reverently with themselves and other beings, respecting, preserving and nurturing the natural environment. In returning to the natural cycles of the earth, we learn to live in balance with nature. Here, we remember the sacredness of our natural world, rekindling our connections to the earth, water, and all the creatures and growing things inhabiting this temenos.