Project Sentinel

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1490 El Camino Real
Santa Clara
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About Us

Project Sentinel is a non-profit organization. Our primary function is to assist individuals with housing problems such as discrimination, mortgage foreclosure & delinquency, rental issues including repairs, deposits, privacy, dispute resolution, home buyer education, post purchase education and reverse mortgages.

Our Mission: To develop and promote fairness and equality of housing for all persons and to advocate peaceful resolution of disputes for community welfare and harmony.

Project Sentinel processes more than 10,000 initial contacts annually. We handle over 600 housing discrimination complaints, open over 1700 landlord tenant and community dispute resolution cases, counsel more than 750 homeowners each year and provide monthly workshops on a variety of topics including Homeownership, Tenant/Landlord and Fair Housing.

The agency also provides support to cities and counties in developing their "Analysis of Impediments to Fair Housing," and a wide array of technical assistance to property management professionals/owners and local municipalities. We publish the semi-weekly newspaper column, Rent Watch, in major California newspapers and operate a Housing Hotline, (888)FAIRHOUsing.