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About Us

Our goals are: (a) To promote awareness to global problems of poverty and war, through speaking engagements, and materials.

(b) To provide physical and monetary support to aid programs in developing countries.

(c) To foster relationships between people of faith.

The current focus of "You Can Help" is in Southern Sudan were we are working with the Bishop Akio Johnson to assist in many of the programs. The country is emerging from 21 long years of war, in which millions of people were killed and even more displaced. The people of Southern Sudan have endured sufferings, abuse, and neglect. The Dioceses of Torit (DOT) has suffered side by side with them, never leaving them in their time of need. When the government stopped education the DOT built school, when the hospitals were destroyed the DOT open clinics, when water became a problem the DOT drilled boreholes.... The Dioceses has now been in existent serving the people for more than 25 years!

"You Can Help" is aiming to raise money to help them in this urgent time of need