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About Us

As the strategic nonprofit partner of the Minneapolis Public Schools (MPS), AchieveMpls mobilizes a wide web of community support to ensure academic achievement, equitable opportunities and career and college readiness for all students. We believe that preparing our young people to succeed in school, work and life is the best investment we can make in our city’s health and vitality.

Our Core Beliefs
  • ALL young people are capable of learning at the highest level. MPS students are talented, capable and eager to learn. They thrive with high expectations, quality teaching and a positive and supportive learning environment.
  • Students benefit from greater community involvement and partnership. The Minneapolis Public Schools cannot do its work alone – student success is the responsibility of our entire community.
  • Public and private investments are necessary for MPS to achieve its goals. Education is the best investment we can make in our youth, our community and our country.
  • Public education is the foundation of a healthy democracy. Our civic life and economic prosperity is tied directly to the strength of our public schools.