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About Us

The Denver Licensure Pilot is an innovative approach that will use multiple streams of evidence to assess the performance of new alternate route teachers in Denver Public Schools (DPS). Measures of new alternate route teachers’ effectiveness, which include observations and impact on student growth, will be factored into DPS recommendations for their state professional licensure after two to three years. A secondary goal of this initiative is to gather data that will inform DPS’ strategic supports for new educators.

The Denver Licensure Pilot is a program within The New Teacher Project (TNTP); a national nonprofit dedicated to closing the achievement gap by ensuring that high-need students get outstanding teachers. Founded by teachers in 1997, TNTP partners with school districts and states to implement scalable responses to their most acute teacher quality challenges. Since its inception, TNTP has trained or hired approximately 43,000 teachers, benefiting an estimated 7 million students nationwide. It has established more than 75 programs and initiatives in 31 states and published four seminal studies on urban teacher hiring and school staffing.