Sakhi for South Asian Women

  • NY


PO Box 1333
Church Street Station
New York
United States

About Us

Founded in 1989, Sakhi for South Asian Women (Sakhi), a non-profit community-based organization, is an innovative gender justice organization that supports survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault in New York City.  Sakhi exists to end violence against women. We unite survivors, communities, and institutions to eradicate domestic violence as we work together to create strong and healthy communities. Sakhi uses an integrated approach that combines support and empowerment through service delivery, community engagement, media advocacy, and policy initiatives. Since its inception, Sakhi has supported thousands of survivors of violence through non-residential service delivery, mobilized community change toward abuse, and enhanced institutions to better serve survivors and the South Asian community. Sakhi is recognized as a local, regional, and national leader in its field. 

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