The Peace & Justice Academy

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2033 E. Washington Blvd
United States

About Us

The Peace & Justice Adademy is the nation's first parochial Interfaith High School. We also offer a grades 6-8 on the campus. In this safe space, students come together to learn without the need to separate themselves from their faith traditions or spirituality. We meet in the intersection of all of the world’s great religions, in the common ethic of love, compassion, justice, and peace.

We offer life lessons in service and social justice to complement a challenging academic scope and sequence designed to get students accepted to the college or university of their choice. Peacemaking can be a full-time vocation, and we would be proud to launch the next Gandhi or King into adulthood. But doing the right thing, treating others fairly, standing against injustice, and making the world a better place – these are the core elements ofall successful careers. We teach these skills.

We really are doing something different here in Pasadena. Please spend some time on our website and, of course, you are always welcome to call or email us for more information.