The Greenhouse

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30 West 68 Street
New York
United States

About Us

Our mission:

The Greenhouse engages teens in re-inspired Jewish experiences in order to provide next generation leaders the opportunity to learn from diverse Jewish role models who are industry experts and entrepreneurs in the world’s growing social innovation ecosystem. Designed to serve as a pipeline into continued Jewish learning and living, these curated experiences equip teens with the skills, networks, and opportunities to apply Jewish values to their own innovations for addressing our world's most pressing social challenges.

Our vision:

We are re-imagining the traditional definition of community service to include new forms of civic engagement and social impact work and are bringing together  Jewish teens and adults to address real-world social issues.

We are growing a new network of Jewish teens from across the country that work together to advance social innovation not only by building lasting relationships that they can call upon as young adults and beyond, but also by bringing to fruition their own social impact prototypes.

We are encouraging the current and futures leaders of the Jewish community to think of themselves as valuable resources, beyond “just”  dollars, and to work together to improve the quality of life for all Jews, Americans, and human beings.

We are training the workforce of tomorrow -- not only social entrepreneurs, but also our future lawyers and doctors, scholars and artists, financiers and technologists -- to bring to their work a heightened sense of social responsibility informed by Jewish sensibilities and a greater understanding of the various ways in which we can each work to build a better world.