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About Us

Kiya Survivors is a UK-Peruvian charity operating in Peru, building and running educational centres catering to young people with special-needs and those who have suffered abuse and abandonment.

Kiya Survivors was founded by Suzy Butler in 2001. Originally its aim was to support victims of the “el Niño” phenomenon on the north coast of Peru, where many of the local population had been left homeless and without support after a series of devastating natural disasters. It quickly extended its support to children and young people who have special needs..

The Rainbow Centre was the first step towards improving services in the Sacred Valley and opened in January 2002 by Suzy and the Peruvian team she had successfully trained and built up. Since then Kiya Survivors has opened four further centres in the Sacred Valley and north of the country and has become an integrated part of the communities it serves.

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