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About Us

Ravensbourne is a world-class university sector institution located in London. Our ambition is to shape the creative leaders of the future, promoting in them an instinct for innovation that is cultivated from collaborative creativity. We are the only independent higher education institution with a longstanding specialism in design, media, communication and technology.

The Ravensbourne Master of Design (MDes)portfolio of awards is a postgraduate programme which focuses on developing design thinking and design management across services, brands and organisations. A key aim of the programme is to foster a capacity for transformational innovation amongst professionals and graduates from both traditional business, not-for-profit and creative economy backgrounds. The current MDes courses of Design Management, Service Design and Luxury Brand Management provide students with the knowledge and skills to manage design holistically and strategically, and equip the postgraduates with the necessary skills and knowledge to progress to senior positions as well as to expand this influence to the wider community.

MDes Social Innovation is a relatively new discipline and is considered primarily a  field of practice. However, it is increasingly occupying an analytical and theoretical space which looks at the causes and dynamics of social change supported by the emergence of new services, relationships and institutional spaces. In this sense the concept  of  Social  Innovation provides  a  strong  foundation  for  community organisations, NGOs, policy makers, business and governments, often leading to new ways of doing things grounded in social relations and sustainability.