Boys2Men Home & Sanctuary for Youth Inc.

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100 Flat Shoals Avenue SE
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About Us

Boys2Men Home & Sanctuary for Youth (B2M) is a nonprofit organization created to bring hope to an underserved segment of our society, specifically, male youths ages 13-25. These are young men who have been neglected and marginalized at crucial stages of their development. As a Wrap Around Services provider, B2M will intercede by dispelling negative influences through positive programs and services.

B2M was founded August 1, 2004 by N. Jean Hudley whose passion evolved out of her experiences in Fulton County Juvenile Court as a Court Appointed Special Advocate for Child Abuse victims (CASA). For eight years, Jean worked for the rights of abused and neglected children in shelters, group homes and foster care environments.

The state of Georgia currently has 16,000 children in state custody. Of the 16,000, approximately half of that number are males from single-parent and low-income households.

While providing a safe haven and programs designed to teach life skills is the objective, young men will be mentored and loved where they are. Activities fundamental to life and daily living skills will be a mainstay, while encouraging parents and caregivers to participate. There will be educational programs, to include GED preparation, cultural and diversity awareness, healthcare education, faith-based studies, mentoring, internship programs, drug treatment prevention, family counseling and more.

B2M will include Equine Assisted Psychotherapy -- an emerging field in which horses are used as a tool for emotional growth and learning. Using horses in group activities has shown to be powerful resource in teaching relationship building, problem-solving, leadership skills, communication, assertiveness and creative thinking. It has also instrumental in character building, self-esteem and self-worth.