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About Us

We believe that the current structure of classrooms actively contributes to massive untapped human potential and an epidemic of lost talent in historically oppressed communities across this nation. Blue Engine partners with schools to fundamentally redesign the traditional classroom and employ an innovative team teaching model, dramatically accelerating academic progress so that all students have the choice to pursue college and career opportunities that reflect their unique talents.

 To achieve this, we recruit, train, and support recent college graduates who devote 1-2 years of service (as AmeriCorps members) to accelerating academic achievement in high school classrooms. Full-time Blue Engine Teaching Assistants ("BETAs”) partner with DoE teachers in critical gateway skills: mathematics and literacy. This model dramatically accelerates learning in a given year, inspires students to achieve their potential, and pushes the boundaries of what’s possible in classrooms. In 2016-17, nearly 100 BETAs will work alongside teachers in 7-10 high schools in New York City, with regional growth planned for the fall of 2018.

This is an exciting opportunity to join Blue Engine as we bridge from “launch” to “growth” phase of our organizational development.  Our three-year strategic plan (2016 - 2019) articulates an ambitious long-term vision for scale while outlining concrete capacity-building work required to deepen our impact in schools and prepare for regional and national growth. With strong results to date, an exceptional team, and a focused plan of action, our organization is poised to further advance educational equity and excellence in America through direct service, teacher preparation, action research, and policy advocacy that over time will affect millions of students in hundreds of urban and rural communities each year.


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