RefuComm communication and information for refugees

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About Us

Our mission is to provide refugees with knowledge about their rights, obligations and the administrative and legal processes. We believe that knowledge empowers refugees to make decisions and take back some control over their lives.

While providing humanitarian aid, we realized that a gap existed: Information for migrating refugees was practically non-existent. Refugees we met along the route were consistent in their questions.

Over the next six months, tens of thousands of refugees in Greece will be having asylum and relocation or family reunification interviews at the Greece Asylum Service office in Athens. We are embarking on an ambitious plan to help refugees prepare for these potentially life-changing interviews.

Refucomm is responding to the crisis of information in Greece. We get up-to-date information to refugees in over 5 languages about relocation, family reunification, asylum, appeals and refugee options in Greece. Without us there is no constant, accurate and translated information available to all refugees in Greece.