Woodland Action Center

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PO Box 1475
United States

About Us

Vision: Improving the quality of life throughout our community.

Mission: Provide vibrant community programs meeting today's needs and creating a pathway to success.

Core Values: Woodland Action is Effective, Sustainable, People-Focused, and Compassionate with Integrity.

Currently serving as a food bank, we distribute around 50,000 pounds of food every month to individuals and families in need. We are currently in the process of expanding our services to provide a more comprehensive approach to tackling the issues of poverty and homelessness. As our organization grows, we are looking to add job training programs, education workshops, case management support, and referral services to adequately and effectively address the needs of our community members. 

We are committed to delivering programs and services efficiently while building ongoing support for all our programs by attracting new donors, new volunteers and advocates to our cause, writing grants, and fundraising. We believe in being culturally competent and understanding the needs of our diverse clientele, putting ourselves in the shoes of others and always acting from the heart.