Roxbury Historic Trust, Inc.

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209-211 Main Street
United States

About Us

The Mission of the Roxbury Historic Trust, Inc. is to provide an opportunity for people to discover their heritage through interpretation of the King Store and House Museums. Visitors explore the King and Riggs families and the development of the Morris Canal, the Roxbury community and the region, from the 1820s through the 1930s, a time of tremendous growth and innovation in our nation.                                                                            RHT is currently occupied with grant funded rehabilitation, administration, exhibits, interpretation, openings and events.

Openings and events are fun; exhibits and interpretation combine research with artistic and other creativity; rehabilitation is inspiring.

RHT is looking for someone to help log and develop membership which currently stands at 55. Members are tracked on Past Perfect museum software.

RHT is also looking for someone to help care for and develop the museum collection. Artifacts and archival material are logged on the Past Perfect museum software.

RHT needs a fund raiser to help us do just that.