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About Us

Junior Tennis Champions Center

Junior Tennis Champions Center (JTCC) strives to be the best junior tennis training program in the world with an unwavering commitment to developing tennis champions who uphold the highest competitive, ethical and personal values on theirw ay to realizing their full potential. The not-for-profit Champions program uses tennis as a vehicle for educating young people, from their introduction to the game to top tier collegiate and professional competition. In this setting, young people, regardless of financial circumstance, are guided towards maximizing their potential on and off the court. JTCC develops "Champions for Life".

Formula For Success

MENTORING. JTCC's philosophy is a holistic approach, recognizing that character development is just as important as athletic performance. Each player in the program has a primary coach-mentor who oversees training, academics, and tournament scheduling. Mentors create individualized performance plans, tackling numerous issues such as competing with integrity, self-esteem, diet, goal-setting, parental involvement and time management.

ENGAGEMENT. JTCC engages students at an early age, thereby enhancing their academic performance and life skills. Using tennis as an instrument for teaching discipline, JTCC enables young people to maximize their academic opportunities.

MENTAL PREPARATION. JTCC students receive competition training throughout the year from Coach Brandyn Fisher, who holds a PHD in sports psychology. This mental training is supplemented by individual meetings with coach-mentors.

PHYSICAL FITNESS. Every student in the program receives extensive physical training designed by Frank Costello, JTCC's strength and conditioning coach. The goal of intensive fitness training is to have each student connect work in the gym with results on the court. This personalized tennis-specific fitness training gives JTCC players a serious competitive edge.

LEADERSHIP TRAINING. JTCC students participate in the Game On! program coaching disadvantaged youth and serving as role models. Students strive to become leaders not only on the tennis court but also in the business world through community outreach.

Community Outreach Program

JTCC's community outreach program introduces the sport of tennis and academic enrichment to youth in the District of Columbia and Prince George's County, MD. Since 2009, our program has introduced tennis to over 1,000 children at Boys and Girls Clubs, recreation centers, Latin American Youth Centers, public schools and charter schools. This out-of-school, year-round program is available to children ages 6-13.

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