Ramsey County Historical Society

  • Minnesota


75 West 5th Street
Room 323
Saint Paul
United States

About Us

The vision of the Ramsey County Historical Society (RCHS) is to be widely recognized as an innovator, leader, and partner in preserving the knowledge of our community, delivering inspiring history programming, and using local history in education. Our mission of preserving our past, informing our present, inspiring our future guides this vision.

RCHS opened as Gibbs Farm museum in 1954 and was recognized on the National Register of Historic Places in 1974. Since this time RCHS has expanded to include publishing, exhibiting artifacts in Saint Paul’s Landmark Center, and providing access to millions of archival documents through our Mary Livingston Griggs & Mary Griggs Burke Research Center. RCHS offers accessible cultural experiences for youth and adults from diverse backgrounds throughout Ramsey County. Through our educational programming the Society aims to increase student achievement and inspire youth to value their unique heritage. RCHS is engaged at both the board and staff level to become a more diverse and inclusive organization. We host many public exhibitions and outreach activities at local festivals offering free learning opportunities to families of all backgrounds.

Equity & Inclusion Statement for the Ramsey County Historical Society:

History informs us, inspires new choices, brings people together, and builds community. Likewise, it can be mis-used to inspire fear, create division, and perpetuate racism and other injustices. We resolve to present history in accordance with our values of Authenticity, Innovation, Inspiration, Integrity, and Respect. We believe that by doing so our community will be more informed, more engaged, and will become stronger.

The Ramsey County Historical Society is committed to equal opportunity for all employees and prospective employees without discrimination of any kind.