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About Us

We Are Looking for Kindergarten and First Grade Teachers with Two or More Years of Experience!

About Us:

Our Name

In Spanish iluminar means more than to simply illuminate; it means to enlighten, put in the spotlight, light up, shine, and glow. It is a powerful word that captures the brilliance of light. It illustrates how brightness can be sparked within us when we are in a supportive and nurturing environment. It also represents the inspiration people feel when they discover their passions because in such moments their entire beings fill with light and the spark shines through their persona. This is why we are called KIPP Iluminar Academy, because we are a school where students discover their passions and a place where learning is nothing less than an exuberating experience.

Our Vision

At KIPP Iluminar Academy we believe that the complexities of our world will require our children to brighten our future with critical thought and imagination. Through rigorous teaching and learning, collaborative character development, and arts-based learning experiences, our children will become innovative individuals that take risks for the good of our collective community and persevere as they seek knowledge through college and beyond.

At KIPP Iluminar we truly believe that it is our job to create classrooms that inspire innovation in our students, not only to prepare our students for college, but also to inspire them to make our world a better place. At the heart of the academic program you will find a belief that learning should be experiential, student-centered, and creative. With this in mind teachers will encourage student initiative and ownership, foster dialogue, promote inquiry, and strengthen the critical thinking skills in all students. This will foster innovation, and in turn, students will matriculate from KIPP Iluminar Academy as innovative individuals who will go on to take risks for the good of our collective community.

Our Heart

Cesar Chavez, a hero within our very own community, once said, “Students must have initiative; they should not be mere imitators. They must learn to think and act for themselves–and be free.” At the heart of our academic program is the understanding that students are not empty vessels waiting to be filled, or children that need to be taught to imitate, but that they come with rich experiences and beliefs about this world. We believe that the student and the teacher are partners and that both are participating in the work of discovery and learning. At KIPP Iluminar Academy we have three core components that shine through out vision statement to make sure we collectively reach our destination of student achievement:

  1. Learning: At KIPP Iluminar Academy our goal is to provide a strong college preparatory program from which each student will develop a love of learning, an ability to think critically, and an expanding curiosity about the world and its people. We consider certain skills to be essential for all students: read avidly, write clearly and coherently, make connections across content areas, and question thoughtfully.
  2. Character: At KIPP Iluminar Academy we believe that school is a place where students will grow academically while also growing their character. We use the following character strengths to guide our character education: love, zest, grit, self-control, and curiosity. By valuing character education our students leave KIPP Iluminar Academy with confidence, self-awareness, and a respect for others.
  3. Arts: At KIPP Iluminar Academywe believe the arts play an integral role in developing the creative, imaginative, and expressive abilities of all children. For that reason we believe that the arts are an essential component of a well-rounded education. While at our school, our students will explore the visual arts, music, dance, and theater. By ensuring that the arts are a core part of our curriculum, our children matriculate with an ignited imagination.