Orange County Conservation Corps

  • CA


1853 North Raymond Avenue
United States

About Us

The Orange County Conservation Corps (OCCC) is a non-profit founded in 1993 as part of the Anaheim anti-gang taskforce. OCCC is 1 of 13 independent local conservation corps in the State of California dedicated to helping solve the problem of youth dropping out of high school along with the need to preserve local resources. The OCCC is a voluntary work/learn program that provides an opportunity for at-risk and disadvantaged youths age 18 to 25, to earn a living while learning valuable employment skills through job training, while attending an on-site charter school to earn their high school diploma. Work projects are environmentally driven and benefit the community. Sometimes called a “Second Chance at Success,” the OCCC is for some a last chance to keep away from gangs, stay free of drug abuse, prevent incarceration, and ultimately ensure a positive life for themselves as working, productive members of their community.