Multicultural Career Intern Program


3101 16th Street, NW

United States

About Us

The community of Bell Multicultural High School and its nonprofit affiliate Multicultural Career Intern Program are committed to multicultural and multilingual academic and career education. Because of the various social, economic, educational, and linguistic backgrounds of our students, we realize the importance of addressing their social and economic needs as well as their individual learning styles. We view learning as a lifelong process and believe that everyone has the ability to achieve and excel regardless of their background. We strive to create a nurturing atmosphere that promotes creativity and self-expression. We view language development, in both first and second languages, as the cornerstone of a curriculum which develops necessary skills in communication, interpersonal relationships, career development, health, problem solving, mathematics, science, and technology. Our ultimate mission is that every student develop marketable skills which will lead to success in the world of work and post-secondary education.