Animal Rescue Kerala

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Chanalkara Road
Thiruvanathapuram District

About Us

We are dedicated to improving the overall welfare of the dogs and cats in Kovalam, a coastal town in the state of Kerala. We have undertaken the only private sterilization program in the entire state as an alternative to the government sponsored eradication of street animals through agonizing strychnine injections. Currently, we are sterilizing more than 50 animals a month in the hope that reducing the number of stray animals can reduce or end the cycle of astonishing cruelty and suffering that we see everyday. In addition to sterilization, we provide rabies vaccinations to all patients. We take in all sick and injured dogs & cats and nurse them back to health with the intention of re-homing them or returning them to where they were found as a last resort. The treatment of street animals in the majority of Kerala is atrocious, evidenced by shocking abuse and lack of welfare understanding. We would also like to undertake an animal welfare education program with the local schools to halt the abuse in the generations to come. Currently, we have one veterinary surgeon and one veterinary nurse on staff, but as our presence in the area increases so has our workload, which has become nearly impossible to manage given our current staffing. We believe that an active volunteer program, consisting of both veterinary professionals and animal enthusiasts would greatly benefit our ability to improve overall conditions for animals in the area.