Wellington PTO Student Care

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United States

About Us

Together, the Wellington PTO Student Care Board and the staff are committed to providing a safe, diverse environment in which children can grow and excel.

The staff creates a community in which the highest value is mutual respect. By accepting each child as a unique individual, we can help each child in turn to accept and get along with others. It is our goal that the children in our programs become comfortable socially as they develop competence and independence through discovery of their own capabilities.

While our programs cannot duplicate a child’s home environment, we provide the most nurturing atmosphere that our school-based setting allows. Our staff of caring adult professionals provides positive role models for the children in responding to life’s daily realities, while emphasizing the norms of appropriate interpersonal behavior. In their interactions with the children, they seek to instill:

  • A sense of belonging, in which children can feel safe and accepted in a group;
  • A sense of helpfulness, in which children are given opportunities to do something useful for others;
  • A sense of discovery, in which children can be introduced to and explore new fields and learn more about the world around them;
  • A sense of proficiency, in which children can find and develop their talents and demonstrate things they can do well;
  • A sense of leadership, in which children can set a good example for each other.

Our programs are designed to guide children in making choices. Children are free to choose between structured and unstructured recreational activities, including arts, crafts, free play, music, reading, indoor and outdoor games, stories and limited media viewing. We provide a balance of activities between quiet and active, group and individual, adult-directed and child-originated.

Within this framework, our staff members provide guidance and influence on children’s choices of program activities. The staff monitors these choices to ensure they are in the best interests of each child, and that they also uphold and reinforce any family values or parental preferences that have been communicated to the staff.

Our programs are also structured to recognize the value of reinforcing educational concepts the children are learning during regular school hours. Children are provided quiet spaces and help for completing assigned homework. While the programs do not offer a specific academic curriculum, the After Care program follows a well-constructed program curriculum. These curricula often follow the seasons and holidays, and include a wide range and breadth of activities for the children.

Information about specific monthly plans and activities are communicated to parents on a regular basis. The main program emphasis is to complement the children’s academic education by focusing on meeting the children’s needs for non-academic recreational and social time supervised by caring adults. The broad range of available planned activities to address these needs and the freedom to choose between these activities, within appropriate limits, is what makes our programs unique.

All policies and provisions for the programs are made in accordance with the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Department of Early Education and Care (DEEC).