International Biochar Initiative

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About Us

IBI’s primary mission is to promote the development of biochar systems that follow Cradle to Cradle sustainability guidelines. In pursuit of this we shall:

  • Support the generation, review and dissemination of information on all aspects of biochar
  • Develop sustainability guidelines and monitor and evaluate biochar projects and systems against these guidelines

IBI’s long term vision is to continue tosupport the commercialization of sustainable biochar systems at all scales by 2015 that will --

  • Help solve the global food security crisis and ensure soil security with the use of biochar to:
    • enhance soil fertility and crop and agroforestry productivity;
    • raise the fertility of degraded and marginal soils; and
    • enhance mitigation and adaptation to climate change in agricultural systems.
    • Help solve the global climate change crisis with the use of biochar to:
      • safely and effectively draw down greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in stable soil sinks;
      • alleviate GHG emissions associated with decomposition of waste from urban and rural sources; and
      • offset fossil fuel use through high value bioenergy and bio-products.
      • Help make agricultural production at all scales more sustainable by:
        • Maintaining production with lower chemical fertilizer inputs;
        • More productively recycling agricultural and organic waste materials, and aid in land remediation; and
        • Enhancing water quality by reducing nutrient leaching into water bodies and supplies.