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118 West 22nd Street
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New York
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About Us

As the research and development arm of Civic Hall, Civic Hall Labs is a new nonprofit dedicated to advancing the application of technology for public good. We exist to collaboratively design and build technology pilots that have a measurable impact and the ability to be replicated or scale. We partner with domain experts to advance innovative solutions to major public challenges and run an accelerator for civic inventors and entrepreneurs. Labs is currently seeking accomplished and civic-minded individuals to join our team. We’re looking for dynamic folks who can appreciate the unique challenges and opportunities of designing and developing technology for public good, and who feel passionate about people-first processes and critical evaluation.

Civic Hall Labs structures our work in two programs: THEMED LABS and a CIVIC XCELERATOR. These two core programs are supported by a variety of INFRASTRUCTURE projects that expand the field of civic tech. Through multidisciplinary collaboration, each Lab creates and tests digital tools that advance solutions to public challenges in arenas like criminal justice, health, urban infrastructure, education, civil liberties, and economic development. Through our Labs, we seek to design and deploy technology for the public, while expanding the impact of civic tech, and modeling civic participation for the 21st century. More on our current Labs and strategies can be found online at

Civic Hall Labs is a member of the community at Civic Hall: the thousand-member community center for civic innovators in New York City. The sunlit 18,000 sq ft workspace in the heart of NYC’s Chelsea District houses the Civic Hall Labs office.