Visceral Resolution

  • NV


United States

About Us

Visceral Resolution is a dance company which attracts high caliber contemporary/jazz dancers to perform new works aimed at bringing awareness about social issues and educating all audiences so as to create the dialogues necessary for social change.

Visceral Resolution Dance recently premiered the first full length compilation of choreographer and artistic director Micelle Horner's current masterpiece "4". The performance inspired will for social change and solidified appreciation for concert dance by whetting the experience through thought provoking sociological content.

We share provocative and significant social concepts through the beauty and visceral experience of professional concert dance.

It is through collective action that positive social change is achieved; this phenomenon begins with dialogue, and creativity inspires motivation. Together, creativity and provocative dialogue fuel the audience to engage society because their visceral resolve has been provoked. If societal problems are realized then change can begin, proceed and actualize. Sometimes we need to see needs expressed in a form other than, reading/listening to the news to truly understand our consciousness for a cause. We promote social awareness through creativity, specifically shared in movement based art.

Visceral Resolution is for all audiences who are open to enjoy and gain inspiration. It is also a place for the collaboration of dance and art to commence, intermingling with sister arts groups and organizations with similar visions for expression.