SLVP - Sri Lanka Volunteer Program

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About Us

What is SLVP

SLVPis a place for people around the globe who care about others, and who want to share their love, friendship, talents, knowledge and experience voluntarily with those in need. The primary goal of this project is to play a responsible and beneficial role in developing Sri Lankan communities where extra help and care are needed in the fields of education, health care, social empowerment, and environmental and wildlife conservation. By harnessing the energy and ideas of internationalvolunteers, as well as those from Sri Lanka, we hope to achieve our goal, and many others too. Our experience tells us that the volunteers who contribute to this endeavour will undergo a life changing experience in Sri Lanka, seeing at first hand the rich, varied culture and traditions of this beautiful country, and achieving a deep understanding of Sri Lankan society and its way of life.

5 Important Things about SLVP

  • A 'not-for-profit' organisation established by group of local and foreign members and organizations, through a collaboration of projects, striving to support community development throughout Sri Lanka.
  • Nearly 15 years' experience in community development and foreign volunteer projects.
  • The management team are people from our own projects, therefore volunteers will be engaging directly with the projects, bypassing the need to engage a third-party agency and keeping volunteer expenses to a minimum.
  • Objective is to support the areas' most in need such as children's homes, schools etc., by providing educational equipment, material and financial support for ongoing projects related to these areas.
  • Exists to support the less fortunate people and wildlife of Sri Lanka through the efforts of foreign volunteers, and in return offers them an authentic and unique Sri Lankan experience at an affordable price with maximum safety and responsibility.
What exactly does SLVP strive to do?

We work with a number of local organisations, schools and orphanages in Sri Lanka and help these organisations by coordinating the support of foreign and local volunteers to develop human resources and enhance the infrastructure of those places in need. In order to provide financial aid, material aid and volunteers, we actively search for sponsors, regular donations and individuals interested in participating in our volunteering projects.