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Myanmar [Burma]

About Us

Exam Preparation Outreach Program (EPOP) of Thabyay Education Foundation created in 2009 is a perfect example of how successfully e-learning courses can help students across Myanmar, along the Thai-Burmese border and in Cambodia to build their capacities regarding advanced English and exam preparation skills. More than 1,500 students had the chance to participate in EPOP so far.

Considering all the experiences, results, knowledge and know-how that Thabyay received through EPOP during these years, in 2014 Thabyay decided to extend the spectrum of online education by developing Thabyay E-learning Platform (TeP) based on EPOP’s e-learning system. Hence EPOP became one of the multiple programs implemented within TeP. 

Thabyay E-learning Platform (TeP) aims to serve people who are in need of assistances to engage themselves in higher education as well as personal and community professional development for their future career.