Cuentos Foundation

  • IL


United States

About Us

Cuentos Foundation is a non-profit trans-disciplinary arts organization that offers free, cross-cultural arts programming and events(including music, theater, exhibitions, performance, poetry, publications, dance..) to the community. Our mission is to create and facilitate cross-cultural interdisciplinary art programs giving voice to the stories (cuentos) of our diverse communities. These local, national, and trans-national collaborative programs utilize artistic strategies for reflecting upon, expressing, documenting, and sharing transforming cultural heritage and tradition. Cuentos opens doorways to global understanding, participation, and building relationships. We are based in the Rogers Park and Edgewater communities of Chicago.

Our Program Objectives Include:
1) To provide a safe, nurturing, extremely creative environment to test out artistic ideas, performance, theater, music, a poem, or an exhibition idea in Cuentos' storefront windows, stuido-exhibition space, or on the huge sidewalk outside!
2) To make pro-active cross-cultural links and networks between groups.
3)To use art across disciplines to give projects a holistic dimension and vision.
4) To provide an opportunity to express differences in cultural heritage, history, and traditions, resulting in deeper understanding, collaboration, and connection.
5) To fight violence, hate, and fear based in cultural prejudice and discrimination.